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The Many Ways To Tell A Story

Maya Angelou wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” As we work with children we are given a window into their stories in many ways. Sometimes it's direct and obvious and other times in comes out in the quiet and still moments.

I am always paying attention to ways in which people tell their stories and the importance of the narrative is even becoming recognized in medicine as evidence by the groundbreaking Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University Medical Center

Here are a few ideas I am looking forward to adapting for use with patients:

Storytelling stones:

Memory Wheel

Heart Maps:

An example of the use of stoytelling in grief work, this book made by a local photographer Sandra Wong Geroux helped a family deal with the death of their beloved dog, allowing the children to participate in telling the story of their pet and honoring it's life.


Regardless of the modality, storytelling offers a way to transform the experience and promote healing and is a powerful tool to use in practice.

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